Local Spokes Youth Ambassadors

Youth Ambassadors Summer 2012!

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Thursday August 9, 2012

Today, we went on a bike ride on the East River Park. At 10th street, we stopped and went over the bridge overpass. We rode to Thompson Square Park for a brief break. It seems that during this ride, we have gotten over the sea that we had of riding on the streets. We have even mastered the art of getting on an off the big orange dutch bikes. Believe me when I say it’s an art. We went back to HQ and continued to experiment on different ways we could combine art mediums. We were very successful in doing this. 

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Thursday August 7, 2012

Today, we stayed inside and did brainstorms of what we would like to draw on our signs. We used our poster “Why Bike?” that we filled out on Day 1 as inspiration. We did multiple sketches of what we wanted out signs to look like. Then we made sketches of bikes and their parts. Those sketches were turned into stencils so that we could experiment with different art mediums. We had all sorts of art mediums available for us to mix and match. I felt that pastel and water color or pastel and paint were the best combinations. 

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Thursday August 2, 2012

Today, we completed our longest bike ride of the summer yet. We had one minor crash with another bike and one harmless crash to a parked car. No one was hurt at all. We experienced bumper to bumper traffic or better yet, fender to fender traffic, passed though a movie shoot and saw a fake door. Our goal was to arrive at the West Side Highway. Then we went to Teardrop Park which was made of landfill and built like a mountain. It was there where we stopped to sketch the scenery. Then we went back with a little bit of fender to fender traffic. Parked vehicle in a bike lane is  annoying to an astronomical degree.   

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Tuesday July 31, 2012

We went on a bike ride to Sara D. Roosevelt park. There was some confusing traffic and fast cars along the way. I learned that regular car drivers tend to drive closer to bikes then big truck/bus drivers. After our stop for lunch at the park, we went to Time’s Up to learn how to fix a flat tire. We were given a patch kit and learned how to used the patches.